Sunsuper – Dreams for a Better World


Dreams for a Better World shared the inspiring stories of everyday people standing up for those in need.
Produced by TPD Media, the idea is a pretty simple one and was developed by Sunsuper to encourage people to do something positive for the community, special causes, organisations or individuals.

Sofie Formica, host of the Great South East, shares the heartwarming stories of six fellow Queenslanders who carry the Christmas spirit of giving and kind deeds 365 days a year.

Each of these everyday angels has a vision to improve the life of others and is given $5,000 so their wish can be granted. This one hour special introduced the audience to an amazing 19 year old raising awareness of eating disorders; a retired couple supporting the homeless; a greyhound rescuer; a mum assisting special needs children, including her own; a little girl who will melt your heart and a young doctor inspiring indigenous children.

Dreams for a Better World aired in prime time in December 2012 on Channel Seven.