Outstation North Documentary


Rarely does a television idea come along that blends the vast and rugged beauty of the Queensland outback with the story of how one man and his family can make a difference.

This one hour special told the tale of Damien Curr, his city-girl turned jillaroo wife Bridget Adams and how their property Springvale Station reconnects young men with the skills and deep connection to the land once proudly owned by their ancestors.

Outstation North is the extraordinary journey of young indigenous Australians who are finding their way out of the destructive spiral of apathy and aimlessness and into a brand new life on the land.

Plucked from the futility of their dire home-life, young men come to live and learn in a beautiful bush setting under the supervision of Damien and other experienced, life-long cattlemen. During five weeks of intensive training at this home-away-from-home, they’re taught basic bush and rural employment skills – everything from driving a motorbike to riding horses; maintaining machinery to managing a working station; handling stock to building a fence.

But most importantly, they learn how to build a new life for themselves… a life of confidence and hope … a life of employment and fulfilment… a life that’s light years from the violence and stagnation of their troubled communities.

Outstation North originally aired in 2010.